The brushes you use to do your makeup are just as important, if not more, than the makeup products themselves; and not just that, but they will also make your life easier! A really good brush will blend product better, faster and with ease. This is why I always encourage people to buy the right tools and to invest in them, and truly, if you take good care of them, they will last you forever.


In this video I talk about some of my favorite brushes. Some of them I’ve had for years, some are new, but I love them all equally, and they have all proved themselves.


One of the things I think about when I buy brushes is “what will I use it for?”. You have to take into consideration the type of look you want to achieveand the size of the space. If you are someone with very small eyes, who doesn’t have a lot of space on the eyelids and you want to do a classic smoky eye, then a brush like a Cozzette S165is going to be too big for you, regardless of how amazing that brush is. And it really is. This will mean that a smaller brush like Cozzette S185will be better for you, because it’s a lot smaller.


Another thing that I always encourage people to do is to clean their brushes. A dirty brush that’s packed with product will never work as well as a clean one. In fact, it will not blend the product and will leave streaks all over the area you use it on. If you want to deep clean them the best way is to wash them with baby shampoo, rinse them off and lay them flat on the countertop to dry. If you want to make the process faster you can use a mitt like the Sigmaone, which makes the process a lot faster and easier, because, let’s face it, washing brushes is very tedious!



Sephora PRO Flawless Airbrush #56

MAC 168

Real Techniques Setting Brush

Artis Oval 6

Artis Oval 3

Rephr P07D

Sephora PRO Shader #18

MAC 263

Mustaev L11 Lip Brush

Morphe M514

Morphe M507

Nars #50 Brush



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