Hi everybody!

Happy thanksgiving to you all. I hope you are having a beautiful day with your loved ones.

Today I am doing a feline smokey eye, that is very intense and sexy. This was actually requested by one of my followers and it is inspired by a look that Kim K wore. The idea behind this look is to build intensity as close to the lashes as possible, and to do it ALL OVER. This means, tight-lining, lining the waterline all around, in between the lashes and the top and bottom. This will intensify your eyes and will leave no gaps anywhere. From there, you keep building the intensity with eyeshadow. Another important feature of this look is that it is very bottom heavy; this means that you will blend dark eyeshadow farther than you think you need to.

Kim K was a lot more contoured and her skin was a bit heavier, but I kept it a bit more natural, because I don’t think I suit so much makeup on my skin. I also wanted to give the face a bit of balance, since the eyes were so dark and intense, I wanted to have the rest a bit more relaxed and natural.

I hope you enjoy watching and I’ll see you soon!




Lucia A



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