Hi everybody!

I thought I would take advantage of the fact that I was oh! so sick last week to do a tutorial on how to look more awake when you feel drained, puffy and grey. I don’t know about you, but when I am sick my skin looks sallow, lifeless and gets very dry, and that is exactly how I was looking, so I had to take measures.

Whenever my skin is off balance, I notice that less makeup is key! Also, I have to make sure that the colors and textures I use don’t drift too far away from the natural colors and textures of my skin, or else I will look very heavy. I recommend picking creamy and liquid textures because they are more discrete and blend better with the skin. However, if you are like me, constantly rubbing your nose and sneezing, go for more long-lasting formulas that, again, are in synergy with your skin. Also, study your face and identify what colors are naturally present in your skin and stay within that palette. This will make you look fresh and will deceive the eye into thinking you’ve slept 8hrs straight and feel amazing!

Another thing is to add definition. Sometimes when we are sick we get puffy and lose our contours, so giving it back to the face will always lift everything up and make us look more rested. To give definition back to the face think about the natural tones of the shadows of your face and use them to shape. This will make contouring unperceivable, which is key!

I really hope this was helpful and that you are having a great day!


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