People are always asking about how to do a winged liner. It seems like that is the ultimate goal when it comes to mastering makeup, so I’m here to teach you, recommend favorite products, and give you tips and tricks.

In general, I will say, it takes PRACTICE. I can seat here and give you all the information I think would be helpful, but practice is absolutely necessary. You also have to understand the shape of your eyes, because depending on that, the shape of your liner should be. However, in order to avoid having to read a ton of information on this subject, I say draw a rather thin line that goes above your eye and as close to the lash-line as possible, and then, with eyes open and looking straight ahead, proceed to draw the flick in a way that doesn’t get cut by your crease.

Now… The how-to:

  • Look back in the mirror and see how your eyes are shaped. A general rule will be to soften whatever YOU DON’T WANT TO ACCENTUATE. For example, if your eyes are too close together, avoid taking the liner too far into the inner corner of the eyes, because it will draw attention to that. So, step back, look at the shape of your eyes, and then decide what shape of liner you will go for.
  • Draw a rough shape of your line, going from thinner in the inner corner to thicker on the outer corner. Also, remember that it’s easier to add than to remove, so go for a thinner line at first and thicken it up slowly and gradually if you so desire.
  • Now that you have a rough shape, is time to fill in any gaps and to perfect the lines. This will take most of the time, so be patient and try to work with longer strokes to avoid making the liner bumpy.
  • If you still find this too difficult, you could use tape to help you by placing them as a continuation of your bottom lash line and then draw your wing using it as a guideline.


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